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Site updates progressing

Started by agony554 2018-01-23 at 17:17
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Hi members,

Just a little update regarding the current site changes and the updates we have done so far.

- We added Monero Miner, with it you can increase your earnings a bit by using your computers unused CPU time. You should use a mobile device for this, since those are too slow and will consume your battery power ver fast without having any kind of decent earnings.

- We added more offerwalls for you in order to increase your income and reach payout faster. Many do not know, but there are good paying surveys in offerwalls. Further more there are various other ways to earn in them and make it possible to easy earn $1.00 a day using 30 minutes of your time. Unfortunally offerwalls advertisers focus mostly on west countries.

- Site security is upgraded mostly step by step to filter out cheating members, but is not fully done yet. This includes but is not limited to multi accounts, autoclickers.

- We have added cashout points for standard members having the free membership. This has to be done for various reasons. The main reasons are to prevent cheating and increase the sites income. Regarding cashout points you can find more details in the FAQ page.

Best regards,
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OK understood
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Thanks admin

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