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Black Friday 29th November promo!
Published on 28-11-2019

Dear members,

Today on Black Friday th 29th of November, everyone can enjoy a deposit bonus.
Depending on the amount deposited, you receive an extra bonus in your purchase balance on top.

Deposit $10.00 or more, receive 5.00% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $50.00 or more, receive 7.50% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $100.00 or more, receive 10.00% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $250.00 or more, receive 12.50% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $500.00 or more, receive 15.00% extra in your purchase balance.

The bonus gets added automatic right with your deposit.

Network issue at data center
Published on 04-11-2019

Dear members,

Today a network issue at the datacenter happened making the servers and many ptc sites unreachable.

The issue is now solved and the advertisement clicking for today will not be required. This requirement will be enabled again tomorrow evening.

Update: It is required again to click advertisements.

Payeer gateway returned
Published on 13-10-2019

Dear members,

Many expressed their desire to keep Payeer as option for deposits and cashouts, therefor we have enabled Payeer once more for deposits and withdrawals and see where it will lead in the future.

Everyone previously deposited with Payeer but would like to keep AirTM as their major payment processor, please open a ticket and we'll make the necessary update to your account.

Published on 23-09-2019

AirTM finished their updates, all pending payments have been send!

Published on 20-09-2019

Dear members,

HTTPS finally
As most have noticed, all our pages are now in full https, this will ensure better compatebility and more security to all.
This also means for advertisers, only https links can be advertised, no browser allows to display a http page in a https environment.

AirTM Upgrade
From Friday evening till Monday morning, during the weekend, they will be upgrading their platform making transfers between accounts impossible in this period.
All of their users received an email with full details, questions about their updates can be subitted in their help desk and a full detailed plan can be found here:


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