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Important: Bitcoin withdrawals
Published on 02-10-2020

Dear members,

Currently the Bitcoin miners fee (to send transactions) is too high to send transactions normally (The fee is up to $6.00 per transaction).
Therefor, Bitcoin payments will be combined until the fee drops back to normal, this means transactions will comfirm slower.

You still can make your withdrawal in Bitcoin, but these remain uncomfirmed for a longer time then usual for the above mentioned reasons to keep the withdrawal fee low.


Added support for the most common banner sizes
Published on 23-09-2020

Dear members,

I've added a new feature for advertisers, now 4 formats of banner sizes are supported: 468x60, 728x90, 300x250 and 160x600!
The banner credit prices have been updated as well, you can advertise your banners for an incredible price as low as $0.0116 per 1000 impressions!

Everyone knows banner advertisements has the highest conversion and now for this nice price, you should give it a try!

Ddos Attack
Published on 29-07-2020

Dear members,

Currently, we and many other sites experience a DDOS attack, some domains might be down during this time. The websites appear slow loading from time to time. We are working to mitigate the attacker and be back on track. Please be patient.

Lets hope, this will be solved soon.


Xalvira A.V

Eastern 2020
Published on 11-04-2020

Dear members,

Despite halve the world is in lockdown and many people have to stay at home due the Covid-19 pandemic, I hope you all will have a somewhat great Eastern holiday.

Stay strong during this somewhat wierd time and have faith and happy Eastern to everyone!

Published on 12-03-2020

Due a massive drop in cryptocurrency, withdrawals in Bitcoin and Litecoin will be temporarily unavailable for withdrawals until the value stabilizes again.

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