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Launch time, final changes and more
Published on 29-04-2017

We are proudly announcing that our prelaunch period is over and we are all set to go. 

During the last two weeks, we have fight with several bugs and fixed, we changed the total ad earning system to something sustainable and profitable for our members and promoters, we have made changes in our membership offers and all current upgrade prices are fixed unless there is a limited time promotion, we have kept an eye over the RR and they have filtered well.. members are already getting profit from it.. thanks to those who actively sharing their rr stats, we have moved from zero to 4400+ members within 2 weeks.. that's a big achievement and thanks to all the peoples who have trusted us and promoting us.

What we have removed-

1. The partner upgrade, only one have sold and that's for good. It's no longer available to purchase.
2. All of the promotions that were valid in our prelaunch period.

What is new? 

1. Eight guaranteed ads4pro ads for all membership to click daily. We have started with only six per day.
2. A brand new membership. That cost you only $3 per month but comes with some benefits that only offered to expert members. 
3. Free upgrade for the newcomers till the end of May. That surely going to boost our promoters as they can attract more peoples and their referrals are going to be more active and purchase the membership after the trial period if they find it's profitable. 
4. Most awaited company shares is available. For now, you can only purchase it with your account balance. We may change it later, so you can buy with purchase balance too.
5. More commissions, we have increased the commission rate for each membership. Up to 10% commissions for expert members.
6. Add fund bonus, 5% deposit bonus for any deposits from $50 to $150. And 10% deposit bonus for any deposit from $151 to unlimited. The bonus will be added within 12 hours of your deposit. This offer is valid until 7th May.

What have changed-
1. The intermediate membership price, the price is raised a bit with added benefits.

We will keep adding more promotions throughout the May to celebrate our launch. Hope it will be as successful as the prelaunch was!

Please note, all of the changes are effective from May 1st 00:00:00 server time.

Monthly membership and more
Published on 22-04-2017


Thanks for being a member of Ads4Pro. We are still at our first week of prelaunch and close to 3k members, thanks to all of the promoters. Without you, it would have never possible.

We are very close to our launch and make sure you take the advantages of our prelaunch promotions - We are fixing each and every issue during our prelaunch time and making changes to make the whole system more stable.

And here it is, you asked we deliver!! The monthly membership is here. Please check the upgrade page. We even lowered the price of expert and partner membership.

The fixed advertisements price is lowered as well. You can purchase a full one-year ad for as low as $70 now with a 10 seconds timer. You must take this offer now as our membership base grow it could cost you $700 after some weeks.

Have a great time.