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Coinhive Monero Miner
Published on 05-03-2019

Dear members,

It seems Coinhive (Monero Miner) will end his activeties very soon.

This means we also will disable the feature Monero Miner in our website.

My advice; check your Hashes and withdraw them.


Xalvira B.V. Team

Last promo of the year 2018!
Published on 15-12-2018


Dear members,

As promo, we will do 2 things, first of all there will be a Bonusads Contest. This contest will start on the 16th of December and will end on exactly 1st of January 2019 0:00 server time.

Further more, instead of giving all kinds of discounts, we decided to do a deposit bonus:

Deposit $10 or more, you will receive 5% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $50 or more, you will receive 7.5% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $100 or more, you will receive 10% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $250 or more, you will receive 12.5% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $500 or more, you will receive 15% extra in your purchase balance.

This promo will also be valid from December 16th till 1st of January 2019 0:00 server time.

Some major changes to
Published on 03-07-2018

Dear members,

As before mentioned, changes to will happen to make the site far more stable.

Adpack removed
It is in the current market almost not possible to keep them stable, therefor Adpacks are no longer availble.
Members who did have active adpacks, will find their investment + return in their money balance so they did not lose anything.

Rented Referrals
Members who currently have Rented Referrals will be able to maintain them, extend them, recycle them, but when a rented referral expired no new ones can be rented.

For standard members the minimum payout has been lowered to $2.00 + 2000 cashout points, some more benefitials will be added soon.
Current upgraded members will be able to hold their membership and extend their membership. But once the membership expired, it can no longer be bought.

- Admin of

Payza issues update #2
Published on 10-04-2018

Dear members,

Payza is now disabled for both deposits and withdrawals.
Since this evening Payza disabled all API access and it has become impossible to send out any more withdrawals.

Currently there is no solution for Payza depositors until API access to Payza comes availble again, but with the past days news we are not too sure anymore.

We will try to find a solution by looking for a good alternative payment processor.

Payza issues once again
Published on 09-04-2018

Dear members,

Payza is experiancing issues once again. Currently we are unable to manage our account in Payza.

To prevent further more risks, we have disabled Payza for deposits, for now withdrawals are still possible through Payza.
If Payza will be working properly again later, we will enable Payza for deposits once more.

The terms of service about payment processors is still valid.

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